TFmac 5000




Version 0.7, 24. August 2007

After deleting from, or uploading files to the Topfield-disk, the folder content will now be updated correctly.

Version 0.6, 02. January 2007

Universal Binary.
Can Handle disks larger than 250 GB
Visited directories are cached. So if you navigate from the main-directory to a subfolder, and then back to the main-directory, the content is displayed immediately.

What it is:

This application is used for really fast data transfer between a Topfield 5000 disk, and Mac OS X.

What it can do:

Give access to a Topfield 5000 PVR formatted hard disk, that is directly connected to your Mac, via IDE, USB or FireWire. (This means you have to open your TF, and take the disk out of it.)

You can read the directories, copy files from and to the TF-disk, and delete files from the TF-disk.

Use it for movies, TAPs and MP3s.

Be aware, that when writing to the disk, the Topfield will do a "Verifying files and folders". I never had any loss of data, but it´s your responsibylity if you want to try.

What it can not do:

Access the disk, while it is in the Topfield, and the Mac is connected to the TF via USB. There are other applications to do this, for example MPEG Streamclip.

Connect to a Topfield 4000 disk. Try Frankies site if you have a TF 4000.

How fast is it?

Depends on the speed of your Mac (Slow on my iBook G3, really fast on my DualCore G5).

Up to 10 x faster than a Topfield <----> Mac connection.

IDE: I did not test, probably faster than FireWire

FireWire: about 20 MB/sek. Less than 1 min/GB

USB 2.0: about 12 MB/sek. Less than 1,5 min/GB

Known bugs and limitations:

When copying files to the Mac some special characters are lost, for example german Umlaute.

When copying files to the TF-disk, the date of the files is not set correctly.

There is no progressbar while copying, which is rather annoying. Refer to "How fast is it?" to make a good guess on how long the transfer will last, or watch the file growing in the Finder.


How to contact me

write (in german or english) to mac.user at inode.at
or visit the MacCorner of http://board.topfield.de/ or http://www.topfield-europe.com/forum/ Ask for Spock