Solutions for your Teradata data warehouse

Having access to the right information is a crucial success factor for every business. For most enterprises the data warehouse has become one of the most important parts of their IT landscape. Teradata is a proven platform for high-end data warehouse systems. Installations range from a few terabytes up to petabytes. Teradata systems handle more and more complex data than any other database. On a properly designed system complex queries on terabytes of data can be run within minutes. The secret of this performance lies in the parallel architecture. Every request is processed in parallel - no matter if it is a select, a sort, an aggregation or a complex join. However, because of this unique design, Teradata is different from other databases. Running a data warehouse on Teradata requires highly specialized skills and experience.

Gastgeb Consulting is one of the few independent consultancies that have specialized in Teradata. Having successfully designed and implemented data warehouses for a large number of customers in Europe, Asia and Australia, we can offer you expert-level know-how in all areas of data warehouse architecture, design, implementation and operations. This also includes detailed knowledge of the Teradata and IBM standard data models, such as Teradata CLDM and FSDM and IBM BDW and TDW.

Architecture LDM PDM
Data Warehouse Architecture Logical Data Modelling Physical Data Modelling

Implementation Administration Tuning
Data Warehouse Implementation Database Administration Performance Tuning