10.368 GHz (3 cm) transverter

This 10 GHz transverter concept consists of a W1GHZ design.
Only a few parts are needed and I will give them a try.

Another solution is the "Simple 10 GHz transverter" by Michael DB6NT.

Click on image, download and extract my Excel sheet "Link budget v2.0" to calculate microwave links up to 1000 GHz. Calculation of atmospheric attenuation (ITU-R P.676-12) is included.

1. Offset dish and tripod with pan/tilt mount

Same design as for my 76 GHz transverter and pan/tilt head.

2. Cylindrical horn

It isn't optimized for my offset dish, the dish is over-illuminated.

3. Transverter

1st solution:
I use a W1GHZ mixer concept, enough for line-of-sight path.

10224 + 144 IF = 10368 MHz

Noise figure : 8-9 dB
Output power : 5-10 mW
Input LO power : 10 mW at 10224 MHz

2nd solution:
I got a used "Simple 10 GHz transverter" designed by DB6NT from Rudi (OE5VRL). It is a design from 1990 but it fulfills my requirements, enough for line-of-sight path.

Noise figure : 2-3 dB
Output power : 12-13 mW
Input LO power : 10 mW at 2.556 GHz
Power supply: 12 V
Current: 85 mA @Rx, 125 mA @Tx

Transverter with 2.5 GHz oscillator and 106.5 MHz TCXO.

4. IF-interface

Only for 1st solution needed:
Here I use a OE2JOM IF interface with RX amplifier and TX attenuator. This IF interface is connected to the 2m-IF receiver/transmitter and to W1GHZ mixer.

5. LO module

For 1st solution:
For the W1GHZ mixer I use the ZLPLL14G with a frequency output of 10224 MHz.

For 2nd solution:
For my DB6NT transverter I use a 106.50 MHz TCXO (DF9LN design) with a 2.5 GHz oscillator (DF9LN/DC8SE design) to get 2556 MHz.

106.50 MHz TCXO:
Output power: 0 dBm
Power supply: 8-24 V
Current: 40 mW (700 mA after switch on)

2.556 GHz oscillator:
Output power: 10 mW
Power supply: 9-15 V
Current: 80 mW

6. GPS disciplined reference oscillator

Only for 1st solution needed:
Here I use a nice unit by Leo Bodnar. It has 2 separate outputs (3.3V CMOS level) from 450 Hz to 800 MHz and it uses GPS reveiver for very stable output frequency.
Output power up to 13.7 dBm
Current consumption @ 12V DC: 190 mA

7. IF receiver/transmitter

Therefore I use the good, old FT-290R or my FT-817.

8. Accu Pack

I use a 12V LiFePO4 accu with 10Ah because of its light weight, only 1.4 kg.

9. Test results

19th of July 2020: First successful 10 GHz (SSB, FM) test QSO.