Portable EME on 10.368 GHz (3 cm)

As I have some experiance with my 10 GHz rain radar and microwave I want to try EME on 10 GHz. I can use nearly 70% of my 10 GHz rain radar system and Rx should be ready in short time. Again I want to build up a portable, small system. With a 70 cm offset dish, high quality preamplifier, at least 10 Watt Tx power and WSJT-X software it should be possible to get -25 dB signal-to-noise ratio (2500 Hz bandwidth reference) with high quality stations on the other end.

1. Offset dish

2. Dish rotor controller

OE2JOM made this controller board based on the OE5JFL original design and ON4BCB updated design.

Controller housing with 20x4 LCD and push button boards:

3. W2IMU dual mode feed horn

3. Transverter

I use a used "Simple 10 GHz transverter" designed by DB6NT. It is a design from 1990 but it fulfills my requirements.

Noise figure : 2-3 dB
Output power : 12-13 mW
Input LO power : 10 mW at 2.556 GHz
Power supply: 12 V
Current: 85 mA @Rx, 125 mA @Tx

Transverter with 2.5 GHz oscillator and 106.5 MHz TCXO.

4. LO module

For my DB6NT transverter I use a 106.50 MHz TCXO (DF9LN design) with a 2.5 GHz oscillator (DF9LN/DC8SE design) to get 2556 MHz.

106.50 MHz TCXO:
Output power: 0 dBm
Power supply: 8-24 V
Current: 40 mW (700 mA after switch on)

2.556 GHz oscillator:
Output power: 10 mW
Power supply: 9-15 V
Current: 80 mW

5. IF receiver/transmitter

Therefore I use the FT-817.

6. Accu Pack

I use a 12V LiFePO4 accu with 10Ah because of its light weight, only 1.4 kg.

7. Computer and software