3D/3D Printing

3D Printing.

I use a Printer to repair and improve stuff, but also to create cases for Spectrum interfaces. All my designs can be printed with a single extruder printer (I use Vellemen K8200). I allow you to use these designs for free (non commercial), but if you say "Hey, Leszek, thank you very much for it, I want to give you some money to honour your work", I ask you for a small (you choose the amount) donation to my Bitcoin account 19ob3RddyUYtfzwJGbhn49T6oeemFYLNXc or Paypal (address as in contact). I can also Print a case for you, but it is a time consuming job and the shipping from Austria is not cheap.

DivIDE Case (ZX Spectrum): Compatible with "Long Button" version (2mm thick PCB)

DivMMC EnJoy (ZX Spectrum): Compatible with Ben's version (order it prepared for casing) from Ben

SPECTRA RGB Interface (with FreeCAD files if you want to alter it-I use a heatsink so there is a hole for it).

CarCam One HD Sunshield