In memory of my Father


Ryszard Chmielewski. * 10. Jan. 1943 - ✝ 06. Dec. 2012

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Uploaded STL Files for some 3D printings (DivIDE, DivMMC enJoy, Spectra and a sunshield for CarCam ne HD). More is planed later: CF7+ interface case for TI99/4A CF Interface.


Uploaded new bugfixed versions of "Hunt the Wumpus (2014)"-Physical Cassette uis currently on eBay, and "Yumiko in the Haunted Mansion-Standard Edition" (only TZX at the moment). By the way, the custom loader used in "Yumiko" will be added to BorIDE.


Uploaded "SPECTRA Blitz" game for ZX Spectrum.


Made some screens showing the progress of Journey's End II.


BorIDE 0.5 uploaded


CNG Decoder (CNG2JPG) uploaded. It can convert National geographics CNG files to JPG at fantastic speed. Also Updated ZX Chessboard Attack to version 1.2 (small problem with timer fixed). Uploaded "Hunt the Wumpus" conversion from TI99/4 to ZX Spectrum.


On 6th December 2012 my Father died because of a Aorta rupture after two days in the Hospital, 5 weeks before his 70th birthday. I want to thank him for all he did for me. Smoking killed him.

"Quest for Witchcraft" can be now downloaded here.



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Welcome to my new Website dedicated to stuff I like, dislike or stuff I'm working on. So, who am I? There are some facts about me:

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If you have a Sinclair ZX Spectrum (also software, pirated/type-in tapes and such stuff) or other Z80-computers which you don't need anymory and urgently want to give them away for free, please contact me. If you are living in or near Vienna, I would be happy to collect them. I'm also looking for defect Computers for parts (please no PCs).

Wenn Sie einen Sinclair ZX Spectrum (auch Software, piraten/eintipp-Listing Kassetten und ähnliches) oder andere Z80 Heimcomputer haben, die Sie nicht mehr brauchen und dringendst verschenken möchten, bitte ich Sie mich zu kontaktieren. Wenn Sie in der nähe oder in Wien wohnen, wäre ich glücklich das Zeug abzuholen. Ich benötige auch defekte Computer für Ersatzteile (Keine PCs bitte).

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