Yes, except for Retro-X I wrote some further PC software. Nothing big, but maybe there are some PC users who find them very useful:


Currently no games, and no remakes available and none planed (I do not like remakes, so do not ask me to do any).


BorIDE for Boriels ZX BASIC compiler:

Fakedate: This tool is excellent for fooling authorities (Parents, etc). You can select any date attribute (Created, accessed, etc), select minimal date to maximal date, and new date, then you can import a directory and any files in this directory and its subdirectorys in this date range will be changed to the selected date.

MultiUPX: Automatic UPX-Compression for all found files in directory. Don't compress Windows folder!

TFT Adjust 1.1: You can use this to adjust your TFT monitor and check for bad pixels. Number keys 1,2,3,4 (with Ctrl or Shift for alternating Pixels for more precise adjusting) switch between red, green, blue and black display, 0 into adjust mode (checkboard texture). The program is extremly small, you can take it on disc with you to your dealer to check the monitor you want to buy.

HexCheck: For entering and checking OCRed Hex datas from magazines. Instruction is available too.

Countdown: Tripple countdown with PureBasic Source

Win_TZX2TAP(v.0.21): Windows Program for batch conversion of TZX to TAP (Normal blocks only!). Dedicated to DivIDE Users: Now I'm one of you. PureBasic 4.4x Source code also available.

Tux_TZX2TAP (v.0.13): Linux version of my GUI_TZX2TAP, compiled under UBUNTU. I have not much experience with Linux, but at least it works here, unlike the Mac_TZX2TAP_PPC which won't run correctly yet.

MGT2TAP (v.0.14): This program converts files from +D MGT images to TAP files. It also displays Screens and is able to read and write +D Discs <-> MGT on Win2000+. Also build in: Syntax changer and integrity check (ripped from Retro-X). Unfortunaly the souce is not portable due to use of WinAPI (to detect presence of disc drives and faster screen redraw routine.

CNG Decoder: My aunt purchased National Geographics Archive DVDs and paid much money for this, only to find out that it needs a special browser to view them, and she had no real rights. She wanted to have the comfort of a ACDSEE, XnView or similar software, so she asked me to make a program to convert CNG files to pictures. CNG files are in fact simply XOR encrypted JPG files, so I made quickly a GUI program to decode single files or complete directorys with all subdirectorys, a kind of CNG2JPG. It is very fast, so I don't even neet to use multiple threads. On my AMD E-350 (2x1.6 GHz) this program needed less than one hour to decode a whole National geographics DVD (8 GB) copied to HDD. My aunt was very happy with it and paid me 100 Euro for this job. I think, maybe there are more National Geographics readers who want to convert the files that quickly. If you find this useful, please just donate any amount of monoy to my paypal account.