Retro-X (Pronounce: Retro Cross or Retro-X) is my work-in-progress system for PC to Retro computers graphics conversion. It will be expanded later into a development kit for Retro Software. Currently the Conversion supports following Retro computer systems (Listed in no particular order).

Other Features of Retro-X are:

Planed Features:

This will be open source later....

Examples of converted screens:

ZX Spectrum SAM CoupéC64

Error diffusion

Present completion status: 15%

Screenshots (Windows XP, Classic design):


The Retro-X Painter showing some shapes (german version). Screenshot taken from Alpha 8 prerelease version.


Yep, thats the viewer for retro images. Looks familar?

Converter (German version screenshot)

Disc Master, with a +D image loaded in source and displaying a picture loaded from the disc image

This is the Work-in-progress XIDE, a editor for ZXB-Compiler featuring: Multiview, Syntax highlightning, Autocompletion, Foldings and tons of other features. The XIDE included in Alpha 8 is just a dummy without functionality, but this baby prepared for Beta realease, is a professional IDE created for beginners and advanced Spectrum programmers.



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