ZX Spectrum

Just checked my 1500 +D discs (in fact there are a lot more, which I not checked yet, partialy with corrupted data). Some are not readable anymore, but other contained projects, worth to be continued. I will do them after BorIDE has all the features I need. Does anyone know a way how to clone myself?

My past (dropped or freezed), current and future Spectrum projects:





More to come later...

Finished ZX Spectrum games:

Here you can download a pack of five games: "Advanced Patience", "Pyramid Patience", "Indian Patience", "Ultra Reflect", and "Godzilla the atomar nightmare".

This is one of my recently finished games: "Chessboard Attack", a mix between Chess and Mine Sweeper. Click on Image for download. Found old source code disc where a old slow unfinished version was. This is recoded version. Update: Replaced old download with version 1.2. . If you want a physical copy, you can buy one for € 3.99 + P&P

Quest for Witchcraft (exclusive for Scene+ Diskzine) is a game in the style of "Jewel Quest" - make rows/columns of three same wicht symbols like "frog tongue" or "bat heart" to change the background behind them to blue. If the complete screen is blue, you can advance to next level. Solve all 7 tasks to jouín the mighty and exclusive witches 8 club. The game was written using ZX Basic Compiler from Boriel. Music by Mr. Beep.

Quest for Witchcraft

U-Boot Hunt, one of my old projects, finished in May 2012. hunt a nazi sub not knowing where it is, knowing only the distance between submarine and explosion of the depthcharge. Easy? The Nazi sub moves constantly to right or left.

Earthraid: Conversion of a C64 strategy game published in Happy Computer 8/86. Can you stop the invasion of the killer mollusks from outer space? Version 1.1. If you want a physical copy, you can buy one for € 3.99 + P&P

"Yumiko in the haunted Mansion" (Standard Edition). You will be able to purchase the "Collectors Edition" on Tape or as Digital Download later, because I want to enhance it a little bit. This is my biggest and best game yet and I spent much time to optimise the code (Only 270 bytes free left!!!). Enjoy the Music by Yerzmeey and the Light effects. Light all candles in the rooms and beware of ghosts. Instruction will follow later. In the downloaded archive you have TAP, TZX (with custom loader), MGT and TRD versions. If you want a physical copy (collectors Edition), you can buy one soon for € 7.99 + P&P (Yes, PC15 tapes are very expensive nowdays). Yumiko will be a recurring character in some later games, due to her popularity.

"Hunt the Wumpus": This is a Game from 1980 written for Texas Instruments TI99/4, which I converted to ZX Spectrum, almost exactly 1:1. If you want a physical copy with tape label and printed instruction, you can buy one for € 5.99 + P&P. Working on a updated version.

Hunt the Wumpus

"SPECTRA Blitz". Experimental Blitz game to support the SPECTRA Interface (Enhanced colour mode, 8x2 Attribute size, this is my favourite graphics mode). It works also on unexpanded Spectrum, but is only monochrome, Still a fun to play. More SPECTRA games will follow. Unfortunaly supporting SPECTRA under emulation is too hard, so only a Mac Emulator successed in this until now, so no screenshot... Writing the game engine took only one day, but the fine tuning without emulator, took days.


Graphic Compos

I made some pictures for graphics compos. Some of them got very high rankings. My best was the 2nd place. Click on the picture to visit galery page.