Erich Kaufmann

The versatilely talented musician Erich Kaufmann plays viola and clarinet, is founding member of the Wiener Streichersolisten (Vienna String Soloists) and has a great passion: He composes musical presents for different occasions and arranges works for many notable ensembles, such as the Wiener Geigen Quartett. The is happy to have such a wonderful partner as arranger to perfectly finish their works.

Walter Bergmann

Walter Bergmann comes from a family of musicians and was taught the violin first by his father, Alois Bergmann, and then by his uncle Walter Kaufmann. On leaving the University of Music and Performing Arts he became a pupil of Professor Wolfgang Schneiderhan. His many activities include thirty years spent as the principal leader of the Graz Philharmonic Orchestra.

Wiener Geigen Quartett Guenter Seifert - violin Milan Setana - violin Josef Pitzek - double bass Eckhard Seifert - violin & viola

The Wiener Geigen Quartett was founded in 1995 by Guenter Seifert together with his brother Eckhard Seifert, Milan Setena and Josef Pitzek. They dedicate their appearances to promoting the work of Josef Lanner and Johann Strauss senior. They follow the first printed editions already published during the lifetime of the composers, arranged for three violins and bass.

In the early string quartets of the Viennese classical period of Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart they replace the cello by the contrabass, the viola takes the place of the third violin. They put great emphasis on the specific sound resulting from this modification which appears to be small, but proves to be extremely effective. They are standing during their performances allowing them to play freely and relaxed. This approach is rarely taken in today's performances. Their concert experiences encourage them to pursue their attitude.