Whats new

16.04.2011: Uploaded my new ZX Spectrum game: "Chessboard Attack"

28.02.2010: Uploaded TFT Adjust Test 1.1, Win_TZX2TAP 0.21 and MGT2TAP 0.14

01.08.2009: Released Win_TZX2TAP v 0.20

07.07.2009: Released: MGT2TAP v.0.13 and Tux_TZX2TAP (PC Section).

03.07.2009: Added MGT2TAP for DivIDE users. It is as usual in the PC section.

30.06.2009: Added Win_TZX2TAP for DivIDE Users, also added Source code of it, at the wish of Dr. Beep.

06.06.2009: Added screenshot of the fortcoming eXtended IDE.

07.04.2009: Links section updated

06.04.2009: One month has passed since the forum was open, now you have the chance to discuss the latest Retro-X release. Yes, I finally released the Retro-X Alpha version number 8!

06.03.2009: LCDs Forum is now open. The subjects are: Retro-X and the SPC Ressurection projects.

04.03.2009: Added last of my previously missed screens to ZX section: "Defender of the Spectrum", thos completes my old graphics portfolio. The current FOREVER entry will be added after the party ends.

24.02.2009: Started a microblog on the main page.

18.02.2009: Just a quick information about next version of Retro-X in Retro-X option.

26.01.2009: Updated Retro-X screenshots with WIP-release screenshots, also some additional informations added.

08.01.2009: "Countdown" (with source) added to PC section. Link to my Weight-Loss Angel added (No, I do not recieve any money for clicks). Web counter added. Some informations updated.

27.12.2008: Released HexCheck 0.11.

29.11.2008: Released Retro-X Alpha 7.1, just some quick bugfixes, and additions.

19.11.2008: Retro-X Alpha 7 released. Thanks to MIC (Mirko), Website Title and Favicon should now work.

02.11.2008: Small page fixes, added german documentation about Spectrum ROM routines written by Claus Jahn in 1987.

23.10.2008: Guestbook added, also some Spectrum and SAM Projects screenshots.

22.10.2008: Changed buttons, added more pages and some of my PC programs.

21.10.2008: Added buttons and corrected some mistakes. More Pages added. BMP2SCR Sourcecodes added in Warez. An Mag. Gerhard Gallent: Ich würde sie höflichs bitten ihre Lügengeschichten und Fantastereien die sie über mich geschrieben haben, in der Zukunft zu unterlassen. Zuwiderhandlungen werden mit einer Unterlassungserklärung welche mit € 100,- zu bewerten ist, umgehend beantwortet.

20.10.2008: After some log down time, I created a new Site again. Pussy in on sale again.