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Das Blockhaus - Log cabin Blockhaus
Das Knappenhaus - House of miners Knappenhaus
Das Lexe-Haus - Lexe house Lexe-Haus

The Log cabin is a small timber house right in front of the Knappenhaus. Inside is a common room and in the attic is space for up to 10 people to sleep. Right next to the log cabin, there’s enough space for another 1 or 2 tents.

The Knappenhaus
was the former lodging of the mining company and the miners (around 1900).
On the ground floor there is the saloon and the TECHUANA-Shop as well as a fully fitted kitchen.
On the 1st floor are 2 separated dormitories, for up to 12 people each. There’s also a single room with bed. Toilets and sanitary facilities, are to be found on the 1st floor, too.
The attic is fully developed and offers about 40 children a romantic place to sleep. The toilets for boys and girls are separated and to be found in the Tower on the same floor as the attic.
The Tower is the on the outside lying fire-proof

The Lexe-Haus,
named after the great sponsor of TECHUANA as well as the Carinthian’s boy scout and girl guides, Mr. Lexe (sen.), is a multipurpose building immediately next to the Knappenhaus. On the ground floor you can find a fully fitted kitchen and separated shower rooms for boys and girls, also storage rooms for tools, maintenance resources, tables and benches.
On the 1st floor, there is a common room and a dormitory for up to 12 people. At the roofed back of the Lexe-Haus are sanitary facilities.

Between the Lexe-Haus and the Tower is a shed roof built that gives shelter when the weather is bad. In the tower you can find dishwashing basins.

Kitchen – Opportunities in TECHUANA
According to our motto “TECHUANA is the scoutiest campsite in Austria”, we made the areas for our youngest people (brownies and cups) as exciting as possible.
Areas such as the play area, Bandar-log City, Human Village, Akela’s rock, Red Flower Campsite, Veigunga River are accessible for both brownies and cups, whereas sleeping areas, shower blocks and toilets, areas for cooking and eating, are separated by groups.
We offer two areas, meaning that two groups and their catering team can operate within these areas self-sufficiently and independently.
The kitchen areas have tiled floor and wall, with easy to clean surfaces and simple units. Lights and cookers are operated by a central gas system, which also ensures hot water on demand. There is also a big basin where Kitchenware can be cleaned.
In the area there are two local supermarkets. We recommend daily shopping to ensure that food it as fresh as possible and used in good time. If there are left-overs we can offer some refrigerated storage.
If you need temporary electricity, e.g. for a coffee machine, please talk to us.
Tableware, i.e. small and big plates, mugs and cutlery is available for about 50 people. Depending on the size of groups, the availability of pots and pans could be limited. When you book your stay we would talk about what we can offer in terms of pots and pans and what you would need to bring yourself. There is a separate washing area at the bottom of the tower (between the houses) where brownies and cups can clean their used dishes, which should make it easier for the catering team.
There is plenty of space for having meals. The tables and benches are secured and can also be used for activities such as arts and playing games.
TECHUANA and its equipment are regularly inspected by the local authority, including the kitchen area, shower blocks and toilets. We have the necessary permits from the authorities to rent the kitchens to our visitors.